CHAPTER 4Step 1: Obtain Management Support

Any major initiative in an organization needs management support. Without it, it becomes just another project that was started but faded away into obscurity.

That’s why business continuity needs to be approached from the position that it is an essential part of a strategy that helps the company achieve its mission and vision. Because every organization needs to generate revenue to achieve the goals it set out to accomplish, ensuring success requires that the individuals within the organization understand what could cripple this process. They realize that they must have a plan to minimize the impact of a disaster. In effect, a business continuity plan (BCP) is a life insurance policy for the organization!

When you can get management on board, offering strong support for the creation of a BCP, benefits include access to resources and funding and support from all levels of the organization. This can make all of the difference in the world. But why is management so important?


Management has several roles in the business continuity process. Although it doesn’t need to be intimately involved with every aspect, members of the management team have critical responsibilities that can make or break the success of a BCP.

First and foremost, managers need to communicate their support to everyone in the organization. They have to be able to explain why the process is so important to the overall achievement of the company’s mission. ...

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