Chapter 8. Polyamides (Nylons)

8.1. Background

High-molecular-weight polyamides are commonly known as nylon. Polyamides are crystalline polymers typically produced by the condensation of a diacid and a diamine. There are several types and each type is often described by a number, such as Nylon 66 or Polyamide 66 (PA66). The numeric suffixes refer to the number of carbon atoms present in the molecular structures of the amine and acid, respectively (or a single suffix if the amine and acid groups are part of the same molecule).
The polyamide plastic materials discussed in this book and the monomers used to make them are given in Table 8.1.
Table 8.1 Monomers Used to Make Specific Polyamides/Nylons
Polyamide/Nylon TypeMonomers Used to Make
Nylon 6Caprolactam ...

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