Appendix 1: Example
9.1 Example Mathcad worksheet for Chapter 3
The Mathcad worksheet has been typeset in this edition and the worksheets could be made to
look (something) like this (but currently do not).
The appearance of the worksheets depends on the configuration of your system and of the
Mathcad set up. To show you how they look, but as black and white only, here is part of a
typeset version of the shortest worksheet. Note that the appearance of the real worksheet will
depend largely on the setup of your machine.
Chapter 3 Basic image processing operations: CHAPTER3.MCD
This worksheet is the companion to Chapter 3 and implements the basic image processing
operations described therein. The worksheet follows the text directly and allows you to process
the eye image.
This chapter concerns basic image operations, essentially those which alter a pixel’s value
in a chosen way. We might want to make an image brighter (if it is too dark), or to remove