Chapter 9

Tap Employees' Commitment

I firmly believe that employee dedication mirrors the extent to which an organization demonstrates its commitment to its people. When people know what is expected of them, understand that outstanding performance is rewarded and believe they can make a difference because they will be listened to and are allowed to put their ideas to work, they will make a difference.

Fred Smith, Founder & CEO, FedEx

In a successful innovative and performance culture, employees are engaged in the business enterprise. They are continually updating their knowledge and skill bases. Using their expanded knowledge, new skills, and the power of their imagination, they are generating ideas to improve the customer experience, operational efficiencies, and the company's customer value propositions. They are secure in expressing these ideas. Managers are secure enough to consider the ideas. Employees are working collaboratively to develop the raw, creative ideas.

If one of those ideas is ready to be implemented, and if it is a genuine innovation, it will involve change. Since change takes people out of their comfort zone and disrupts their routine, it often meets resistance. But it does not need to be that way. Change is more likely to be accepted if those affected by it have a say in its implementation and if there is commitment to, and trust in, the orga-nization. How do leaders inspire dedication and tap into this commitment? The leadership responsibilities and corresponding ...

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