Chapter 2. Installing Fedora

In This Chapter

  • Quick installation

  • Detailed installation instructions

  • Special installation procedures

  • Special installation topics

  • Troubleshooting installation

  • Spinning your own Fedora

A simplified installation procedure is one of the best reasons for using a Linux distribution such as Fedora. In many cases, for a computer dedicated to using Fedora, you can just pop in the DVD or CD that comes with this book, choose from several preset configurations, and be up and running with Linux in less than an hour.

If you want to share your computer with both Linux and Microsoft Windows, Fedora offers several ways to go about doing that. A Fedora Desktop Live CD is included with this book and will help prepare your computer before installation. If your computer doesn't have a DVD or CD drive, network and hard disk installs are available. To preconfigure Fedora to install on multiple, similar computers, you can use a kickstart installation.

In the past few releases of Fedora, the project has made some great improvements to the installation process. Most notably, a recent feature in anaconda (the Fedora installer) lets you install software from multiple online repositories during the initial Fedora install.

Although this procedure focuses on installing Fedora on a standard PC (i386 32-bit architecture), the Fedora Project also produces installable versions of Fedora for PowerPC (ppc) and 64-bit PC architecture (x86_64). Because the latest Apple Mac computers are based on Intel ...

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