Chapter 1. Starting with Fedora Linux


  • Find Fedora resources

  • Learn quick and powerful commands

  • Have a handy reference to many useful utilities

  • Work as Linux gurus do

Whether you use Fedora Linux every day or just tweak it once in a while, a book that presents efficient ways to use, check, fix, secure, and enhance your system can be an invaluable resource.

Fedora Linux Toolbox is that resource.

Fedora Linux Toolbox is aimed primarily at Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux power users and systems administrators. To give you what you need, we tell you how to quickly locate and get software, monitor the health and security of your systems, and access network resources. In short, we cut to the most efficient ways of using Fedora.

Our goal with Fedora Linux Toolbox is to pack a lot of useful information for using Fedora Linux into a small package that you can carry around with you. To that end, we describe:

  • Commands — Tons of command line examples to use Fedora in helpful and clever ways.

  • GUI tools — Quick pointers to graphical administration tools to configure your system.

  • Software repositories — Short procedures to find and download thousands of applications.

  • Online resources — Listings of the best locations to find Fedora forums, mailing lists, IRC channels, and other online resources.

  • Local documentation — Tools for gathering more information from man pages, doc directories, help commands, and other resources on your Fedora system.

Because you're not a beginner with Linux, you won't ...

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