256 Acronyms and Initials
SL superlattice
SLA secure level agreement
SM single mode
SMC surface mount component
SMD surface mount device
SMDS switched megabit data services
SMF single-mode fiber
SMP shared memory processor
SMT station management frames
SMT surface mount technique
SMU Sanwa multi-termination unibody
SNMP simple network management protocol
SNR signal-to-noise ratio
SNZ Standards Association of New Zealand
SOF start of frame
SOHO small office/home office
SOJ small outline packages with J leads
SONET Synchronous Optical NETwork
SP shelf processor
SPC statistical process control
SPE synchronous payload envelope
SPIBOC standardized packaging and interconnect for inter and
intra board optical connections (a part of the EC
ESPRIT program)
SPIE Society of Photooptic Instrumentation Engineers
SQNR signal-to-quantum-noise ratio
SQW single quantum well
SRAM static random access memory
SRM sub-rate multiplexing
SRS stimulated Raman scattering
SSA serial storage architecture
SSA storage system architecture
S-SEED symmetric self electro-optic effect devices
SSI small scale integration
SSP storage service provider
ST connector–subscriber termination
STP shielded twisted pair
STS synchronous transport signal
SWDM sparse WDM
SWF surface wave filter
SX short wavelength (850 nm) transmitter
Acronyms and Initials 257
TAB tape access bonding
TAB tape automated bonding
TAXI transparent asynchronous transceiver/receiver interface
TBGA Tape ball grid array
TC transmission convergence sublayer
TCM time compression multiplexing
TCP/IP transmission control protocol/internet protocol
TDFAs thulium doped fiber amplifiers (to be used in the
wavelength range of 1450–1510 nm)
TDM time division multiplexing
TDMA time division multiple access
TE mode transverse electric (electric field normal to direction
of propagation)
TE triethyl (as in triethylgallium—TEGa)
TERKS trade name of a data base used by Telcordia (formerly
Bell Labs) to track inventory and depreciation on
telecommunications hardware
THC through-hole component
THT token holding timer
THz tera hertz
TIA Telecommunications Industry Association
TIA trans-impedance amplifier (also TZA)
TM mode transverse magnetic (magnetic field normal to
direction of propogation)
TM trimethyl (as in trymethylgallium-TMGa)
TO transistor outline
TOSA transmitter optical subassembly
TP twisted pair
TRT token rotation timer
TRTT target token rotation time
TRX transceiver
TTI time to installation
TTL transistor-transistor logic
TUG tributary unit groups
TWA traveling wave amplifier
Tx transmitter
TZA trans-impedance amplifier (also TIA)
UDP user datagram protocol
UHV ultra high vacuum
258 Acronyms and Initials
UI unit interval
UL Underwriters Laboratories
ULP upper level protocol
UNI user–network interface
USNC United States National Committee
UTP unshielded twisted pair
UV ultraviolet
VAD vapor axial deposition
VBR variable bit rate
VC virtual circuit
VCC virtual channel connection
VCI virtual channel identifier
VCO voltage-controlled oscillator
VCSELs vertical cavity surface emitting lasers
VDE Verband Deutscher Electrotechniker (Association of
German Electrical Engineers)
VDI Vereins Deutscher Ingenierure
(German Standards)
VF-45 trade name of a small form factor optical
connector developed by 3M corporation with a
RJ-45 latch
VLIW very long instruction word
VLSI very large-scale integration
VPI virtual path identifier
VPN virtual private network
VPR vapor phase reflow
VT virtual tributary
VTG virtual tributary group
WAN wide area network
WDM wavelength-division multiplexing
WWSM wide spectrum WDM
XDF extended distance feature
XGP Multi-Gigabit Ethernet pluggable
XPR cross plug range
XRC extended remote copy
ZBLAN fluorozirconate

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