The following is a listing of the Industrial standards, Telcordia standards (formerly Bellcore standards), and International Telecommunication Union (ITU) standards that apply to the field of fiber optics. Contact information for acquiring copies of these documents is given below.

Industrial Standards

Global Engineering Documents

Attn: Technical Research Department

15 Inverness Way East

Englewood, CO 80112 USA

Phone: 800-624-3974 ext. 1930
303-792-2181 ext. 1930
Fax: 303-705-4249
E-mail: global.research@ihs.com
Web: http://global.ihs.com

Telcordia Standards

Direct Sales

Telcordia Technologies, Inc

8 Corporate Place, PYA 3A-184

Piscataway, NJ 08854-4156 USA

Phone (US & Canada)


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