76 Fiber Saver (2029) Implementation Guide
Table 8. OCLD and OCI recommended channel assignments with 4TDM OCI cards
The System Manager provisioning process prevents mapping ports on the same
4TDM OCI card to different OCLD cards.
4.3 Cascading recommendations
Cascaded IBM 2029 configurations can involve any combination of hubbed-ring
and point-to-point networks. A single link can be cascaded through up to four IBM
2029 networks. Cascading offers more flexibility in the network design and
extends the maximum distance that can be achieved between devices attached
to IBM 2029 networks. With this flexibility, however, managing and tracking
end-to-end connectivity can become very complex. Therefore, it is extremely
important to have current and accurate IBM 2029 network configuration
Cascading is achieved by connecting the shelves channels across different IBM
2029 networks. That is, the transmit (Tx) and receive (Rx) connectors of an OCI
card on one network are connected to the Rx and Tx connectors of an OCI card
on another network, respectively.
Consider the following points when you are designing a cascaded network:
There is no requirement for a cascaded connection to use the same band or
channel in each IBM 2029 network.
A link that has been extended through an IBM 2029 network via a 4TDM OCI
card can be cascaded to another network using single port OCI cards.
Intermixing of single port and 4TDM OCI cards is not supported for a link
within a network, but it is supported for cascading connections between
A link that has been provisioned as a base (unprotected) channel in one
network can be cascaded to a high availability (protected) channel in another
Cascading IBM 2029 networks does not affect the link budgets of individual
Recommended Channel Assignments
Unprotected Channels Protected Channels
HUB shelf
OCLD Slot/Channel
OCLD Slot/Channel
Slot-Port /Channel
OCLD Slot/Channel
Slot-Port/ Channel
1 1W 18 1E 6-1 1B 18/1E and 1/1W 5-1/1A or 6-1/1B
1 1W 18 1E 6-2 1B 18/1E and 1/1W 5-2/1A or 6-2/1B
1 1W 18 1E 6-3 1B 18/1E and 1/1W 5-3/1A or 6-3/1B
1 1W 18 1E 6-4 1B 18/1E and 1/1W 5-4/1A or 6-4/1B
18 1E 1 1W 5-1 1A
* Note: In protected mode, each channels A
slot and B slot OCIs are mutually exclusive.
18 1E 1 1W 5-2 1A
18 1E 1 1W 5-3 1A
18 1E 1 1W 5-4 1A

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