In preceding chapters, we came across several recurrences. We will now develop a method for solving a large and important class of recurrences. Solving a recurrence for c013-math-001 means finding an explicit formula for c013-math-002 using initial conditions. We will employ this powerful method to confirm Binet's formulas for c013-math-003 and c013-math-004.

13.1 LHRWCCs

A kth-order linear homogeneous recurrence with constant coefficients (LHRWCCs) is a recurrence of the form

where c013-math-006 and c013-math-007.

We now add a few words of explanation about the definitional terms. The term linear means that every term on the RHS of equation (13.1) contains at most the first power of any predecessor . A recurrence is homogeneous ...

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