3.2. Operations of the FC-AL

3.2.1. Primitive Signals

Table 3-1. Primitive Signals
Signal Description
ARB(x) Arbitrate address x for loop control
OPN(y) Open one other NL_Port

- Full duplex

- Half duplex
OPN(r) Replicate

- Broadcast

- Selective replicate or multicast
CLS Close the circuit at the NL_Port
MRK(tx) Synchronization signal ‘t’ from ‘x’
Note: The ‘x’ is the address of the port wanting to own the loop and the ‘y’ is the address of the port to be opened.

Primitive signals are sent by a transmitting port and recognized and acted upon by a receiving port. Currently, the MRK signal is not supported by Hewlett-Packard.

3.2.2. Primitive Sequences

Primitive sequences are not recognized or acted upon until the third consecutive occurrence ...

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