14. A Complaint

“Fred, I don’t care what debtors say,” Mabel told me in an unusually mild tone, standing near my desk with her feet wide apart. “But I just want you to know that some woman called up and made a complaint about you.”

I try to think who it might have been. Most debtors I reach are irate about being called and asked for money, even if they know they owe it.

“What did I do—ask her to pay a bill?” I said.

“That’s probably it,” Mabel replied.

“But you know me—I’m a pussycat.”

She snorted. “Like I said, I don’t care what debtors say.”

That was the extent of my first and only complaint—at least the only one that I know about. If there had been a recording of me mistakenly saying something out of bounds, maybe it would have gone differently. ...

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