Chapter 3. Getting Acquainted with FileMaker

There is no substitute for experience when it comes to using a computer application, so if you haven't already done so, it's time to get in front of a computer and begin to use FileMaker. You can take the book with you, if you wish. (In fact, that's a good way to proceed.)

For the purposes of following the descriptions in FileMaker Pro 10 Bible, you'll need a copy of FileMaker Pro 10 or FileMaker Pro 10 Advanced, installed on a supported version of either a Windows or Macintosh operating system. In most respects, the Pro and Pro Advanced applications look identical, although there are a few additional menu commands and features in the Advanced version. Screenshots throughout are generally applicable to both versions and to both Mac and Windows systems, though the appearance of window frames and dialogs differs slightly between platforms.

If this is your very first use of FileMaker, you may need to first run the installer to get the software set up and ready for use. After FileMaker is installed, launch it from the Dock (Mac) or by choosing Start


Getting FileMaker Working for You

During installation, FileMaker Pro 10 will prompt you to enter an activation code and register your ...

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