Chapter 5. Creating a Database

In Part I, I provide you with broad background information concerning databases, their uses, and FileMaker Pro and its role. I introduce you to many of the terms and concepts that I feature throughout this book. Much of the information thus far has been theoretical rather than practical — but that's about to change, so roll up your sleeves. To jump-start you into the hands-on creation of databases, in this chapter I walk you through the creation of an example database that illustrates many basic techniques and that is developed further in subsequent chapters to explore alternative approaches and more advanced techniques.

Before Getting Started

You need to consider several things before you proceed with the example that follows:

  • The completed example file for this chapter is available from the book's companion Web site (see Appendix B) at so that you can follow along if you like or download the completed example and review it if you prefer. Either way, the files available on the Web site provide you with a point of reference.

  • Although the procedures described in this chapter are lengthy, you can stop and exit FileMaker at any point and then open the files again and resume later. If you're new to FileMaker, you may want to take a break or two along the way.

  • The database techniques I ...

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