Chapter 8. The Processes: FileMaker Scripting

A key benefit when you choose to embrace technology is that it can make life easier for you. However, getting the most out of technology means not only choosing well, but also using well. It is at the point where you wish to gain maximum benefit from your use of FileMaker Pro that the FileMaker built-in scripting environment comes to the fore.

In the preceding chapters, you've become acquainted with the tools and techniques for building database structures and interfaces. Scripting provides a third essential element that makes everything work together. When you need your solution to take a more active role, you have to provide it with a script. That's where scripting comes in. Scripting enables you to store instructions about tasks to be performed with your data; then a script performs those tasks for you!

Any series of database tasks that you need to do repetitively may benefit from being scripted and performed on demand. Scripting performs this essential automation role, with the potential to take much of the drudgery out of your digital days. The best thing is that you'll find it very easy to get started using scripting — and, when you do, you'll ...

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