Chapter 14. In Control with FileMaker Security

If data doesn't matter to you, you're unlikely to store it at all, much less build a database solution to accommodate it — so the fact that you've done so is as good an indication as any that the data matters. Because it matters, it should be protected — from unauthorized access or sabotage or simply from mishap or loss. Security takes a number of forms and helps protect your data in a variety of ways.

FileMaker provides a robust database environment with a multi-faceted security architecture that you can configure to meet various needs — from a simple single-user database to a diverse multi-user system with dozens or even hundreds of users. FileMaker conforms to industry standards in its security framework implementation and supports a range of best practices for secure handling of sensitive data.

Technology, however, is effective only when used skillfully and appropriately, and an arsenal of security capabilities is of no use whatsoever if it remains unused. Security should form part of your solution's design from the outset and should be built into the fabric of your code. Too often security is added as an ...

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