Chapter 9. The FileMaker Power User

In the preceding chapters, you've employed the fundamental database creation techniques and used FileMaker's scripting, calculation, and interface tools. Along the way, you've glimpsed FileMaker's depth and power.

Because you've come this far, we figure you must be serious — and the fact that you're still reading means you've realized there is much more to learn. You're right — in fact, there is much more to know about FileMaker than we can cover in detail, even in a book of this size. Consequently we've chosen to encourage you to seek out additional details about the basics, in available resources such as the Users Guide, Help file, and online references. Going forward, we won't cover entire processes in great detail; instead, we'll focus on key insights and development strategies, to make best use of the available pages in this book.

So far, you've acquired the skills to set the core elements of a database in place — techniques that you'll use repeatedly. However, FileMaker is noted for, among other things, providing alternative ways of achieving any given outcome. It is the mark of the experienced user to be aware of the options and to make informed choices.

FileMaker is something of a chameleon insofar as it presents you with a friendly, easy interface for a range of basic tasks, yet possesses the sophistication to deal with more complex requirements when required. As a result, you'll encounter a steeper learning curve when transitioning to more ...

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