Getting Help from FileMaker Itself

The installation CDs for FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Pro Advanced include online help files, electronic documentation, templates, and example files. The installer program always installs online help, but the others are optional. When you choose the Easy Install option in the Install panel of the installation wizard, you get everything installed. Choose Custom Install instead to pick and choose which of the optional files you want installed. And if FileMaker’s already installed on your computer, but the helpers listed below are missing, you can perform a Custom Install and choose the helper files you need without having to uninstall and reinstall FileMaker itself.

On Windows you can find these helpers at Program Files → FileMaker → FileMaker Pro 9 → English Extras. And on the Mac, look in Applications → FileMaker Pro → English Extras.

The Learning Center

Your next best stop for FileMaker assistance is the FileMaker Learning Center. Just choose Help → Learning Center. In a new window, FileMaker takes you to a special Web site covering many FileMaker topics. Unlike an ordinary online help system, which dryly enumerates everything about a piece of software at a mind-numbing pace, the Learning Center is actually fun to use. It covers real-world cases with video demonstrations and point-by-point guidance. It covers a limited number of topics, but covers them thoroughly.

FileMaker Pro Help

If you prefer something less stimulating, you can read FileMaker’s ...

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