Chapter 14. Ten (Or So) Items to Aid Your FileMaker Development

In This Chapter

  • Obtaining FileMaker tips and techniques

  • Acquiring FileMaker add-ons

  • Augmenting your inner graphic artist

  • AppleScripting your FileMaker application

FileMaker Pro is a powerful tool — one for which people (and companies) keep coming up with new uses and techniques. Some of the techniques are so novel that the folks at FileMaker probably didn't consider or visualize the possibilities. Although the developers at FileMaker couldn't possibly foresee everything users might want to do with their product, they did realize that users would want to extend FileMaker functionality. That's why they enabled FileMaker to work with both plug-ins and (for Mac users) AppleScript.

As with other popular applications, such as Adobe's Photoshop, a cottage industry has emerged around FileMaker Pro, and FileMaker, Inc. has nurtured this symbiotic industry through the FileMaker Solutions Alliance (FSA). In this chapter, I point out some interesting informational resources, some plug-ins (and their providers), and some AppleScript resources — all of which are available to help you get even more out of FileMaker Pro than you might have thought possible.

Checking Out Online Resources for FileMaker Pro

These first items are good sources of FileMaker information, so you can keep up-to-date and find answers to questions. The publications and Web sites in the following sections present tips and techniques from people who use FileMaker every ...

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