Chapter 17

Ten Film Writers You Need to Read

In This Chapter

arrow Recommending key writers and texts on film

arrow Looking at films through others’ eyes

arrow Expanding the critical tools you use to read films

Throughout this book, I make constant use of other people’s ideas. So this chapter is an opportunity to give a little back and pay respects to some inspirational film scholars. Obviously, the work of the ten writers I include barely scratches the surface of the huge variety of methods, approaches and styles that make up film studies. But hey, you have to start somewhere, and each of those featured here are great introductions to a range of approaches when writing about film. So get ready to meet ten fascinating film writers and thinkers, explore their contributions and chew on great quotes from their most notable works.

tip.eps The books that I mention below are generally widely available through public libraries or booksellers. The majority remain in print, and those that are older can be picked up through used or second-hand shops or websites. Film journals can be trickier to access, but your local ...

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