About the Author

Dr James Cateridge is Senior Lecturer in Film Studies at Oxford Brookes University. He had such a good time studying film as an undergraduate at Warwick University that he went back to do an MA and a PhD at the University of East Anglia. In between he worked for Columbia Tristar and the Arts Council of England. Now as a very lucky film scholar he gets to research and write about the films that he loves, as well as subjecting unfortunate students to his personal taste in movies. These are mostly British, but he doesn’t discriminate. His film geek obsessions include but are no means limited to: 90s Brit flicks, Hammer horrors (especially those starring Oliver Reed), and trying to figure out why film tourists visit Oxford.


This book is dedicated to all the film studies scholars and teachers who have inspired me over the years, to my peers and colleagues, and to my students.

Thanks to my amazing friends and family for keeping me writing, and to the editors at Wiley for their expert advice.

To Stuart and Riley: there’s no place like home.

Publisher’s Acknowledgements

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Project Editor: Steve Edwards ...

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