Modifying Audio
Final Cut Pro offers only two audio transi-
tions; both are cross-fades. One is a 0 dB
(decibel) cross-fade. The standard default is
a +3 dB cross-fade. The +3 dB amplitude
increase of the default cross-fade is designed
to compensate for any perceived volume
drop during the transition, but the only way
to decide which cross-fade works best to
finesse your audio edit is to try them both
and trust your ears. You can adjust only the
duration of audio transitions.
To modify the duration of an
audio transition:
With the Selection tool, drag one edge
of the transition to adjust its length
(Figure 13.25).
Or do this:
Control-click the transition; then choose
Duration from the shortcut menu.
In the Duration dialog box, enter a
new duration.
Click OK.
Duration is the only adjustable parameter
for the audio cross-fade transitions in
Final Cut Pro, but you can build your
own cross-fades. Set up the audio clips
you want to transition between on adja-
cent tracks. You can adjust the clips
overlap and then set Level keyframes to
sculpt your special-purpose cross-fade.
Chapter 13
Modifying Audio Transitions
Figure 13.25 Adjusting the duration of an audio
transition in the Timeline. Dragging a transition’s
edge affects the length of the transition but does not
alter any underlying edit points.
FCP Protocol: r u YUV?
When you use a transition between two
shots, you’re likely to be looking for a way
to blend the two shots more seamlessly.
Because you’re trying to create that seam-
less illusion, rendered transitions are where
most people notice the effects of RGB
color space versus YUV (aka YCrCb) color
space. Most computers store image data
in RGB color space, but many digital video
formats (including DV) use the YUV color
space. If you render your transition and
then notice color and luminance shifts
during the rendered transition, you prob-
ably haven’t selected the correct color
space to render in. See “RGB or YCrCb:
Choosing a Color Space” in Chapter 17 for
information on how to select the correct
color space for your project format.

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