To export a Final Cut Pro movie for use
in iDVD or DVD Studio Pro:
Follow steps 1 through 4 in the previous
task,To export a clip or sequence as a
QuickTime movie.
If you want to export chapter markers
along with your file, choose Chapter
Markers from the Markers pop-up menu.
Do one of the following:
Check Make Movie Self-Contained to
make a stand-alone file that can be
used with iDVD or DVD SP on this or
another computer.
Leave Make Movie Self-Contained
unchecked to export a reference
movie—a small movie file that con-
tains only pointers to the original
audio, video, and render files—which
can be used only with a copy of iDVD
or DVD SP that is located on the
same computer as your Final Cut Pro
project (Figure 19.22).
In the Save dialog box, type a name for
your file in the Save As field and select
a destination folder; then click Save.
The exported movie contains any
sequence markers you have designated
as chapter markers (Figure 19.23).
Creating Final Output
Exporting Sequences and Clips
Figure 19.22 Uncheck the Make Movie Self-Contained
box to create a compact reference movie you can use
in another processing program like iDVD or DVD SP.
Figure 19.23 Open your exported reference movie in
QuickTime Player, and you’ll see a pop-up menu
containing your exported chapter markers.
FCP Protocol: DVD Chapter Markers
It’s very simple to export a QuickTime Movie with chapter markers that you can import into
iDVD or DVD Studio Pro, but you should be aware of a few rules governing the number and
placement of chapter markers:
Final Cut Pro chapter markers must be sequence markers, not clip markers.
You can set a maximum of 99 chapter markers per video stream in a DVD SP project;
iDVD allows no more than 36 chapter markers per project.
Chapter markers must be set more than one second apart, and more than one second
from the start or the end of a sequence.

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