Forensic Inventory

Forensic Tools, Techniques, Methods, and Methodologies

This Forensic Inventory is the first assemblage of its kind known to exist. It comprises with the book's contents, more than 300 forensic tools, technique, methods, and methodologies, the majority of which are discussed in this book. It is integral to this book and will be updated with successive publications.

Forensic operators can use this inventory as a reference and/or a refresher.

Description Explanation and Source Source: Forensic Context
21-Foot Rule (reactionary gap) A guideline for law enforcement developed by Lt. (ret.) Dennis Tueller, formerly of the Salt Lake City Police Department. Lt. Tueller is an internationally recognized Law Enforcement Instructor who first published his principle in the March 1983 issue of SWAT magazine. It suggests that an armed, i.e. knife, club male assailant can cover 21 feet in about 1.5 seconds. The time is that required for a skilled law enforcement officer to draw and fire his weapon to stop the assailant. The Police Policies Safety Council. Forensic operators often work in stressful and hostile circumstances. People under investigation often act impulsively. Thus, awareness of the reactionary gap permits forensic operators to maximize their safety.
60-Second Method A simple method to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of comparative financial statements. Chapter explains the 60-Second Method.
AAA Anticipation, agility, and ...

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