Data Collection and Analysis Phase: Part II

This chapter continues the data collection and analysis tasks within a forensic assignment. In addition, it contains submethodologies and other instructive techniques for analyzing financial reporting usable with ICE/SCORE. Experienced forensic operators should not presume to know the techniques discussed in this chapter. A small time investment yields substantial returns for anyone taking the time to peruse the guidance.

This chapter also contains instructive content for nonfinancial types, say detectives who have little or no financial or accounting background. For example, step-by-step techniques simplify how nearly all types of financial reporting are readily analyzed. The 60-Second Method and BIC technique quickly illustrate the approach. Other contents also provide useful reference for clients and others seeking assistance from forensic operators.


Purpose of Stage

This action continues the forensic assignment using the tools, techniques, methods and methodologies described below. See Exhibit 4.1.

EXHIBIT 4.1 Analysis of Transactions


The objective of this action is to apply specifically pertinent technical methods pursuant to the assignment execution.

Specific actions include:

  • Obtain sufficient relevant data to provide credible evidence.
  • Apply the specific tools as required.

References ...

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