This book describes and illustrates the copyrighted, trademarked, and patent-in-process (through the USPTO1) financial forensics/forensic accounting methodology. It can be deployed as-is in this book or through its comprehensive software-driven, Internet-based financial forensics methodology, Forensic Accounting/ Investigation Methodology©, or FA/IM©. Other financial forensics methodologies are also described, both inside and outside of FA/IM. They include 60-Second Method, BIC, FSAT, and ICE/SCORE©, among others.

FA/IM has been delivered for nearly ten years throughout the United States in training sessions ranging from 1 or 2 hours, 1 or 2 days, or through our signature 5-day Forensic Accounting Academy©. Naturally, shorter sessions cover less content.

The numerous participants’ responses have been nearly universal, stating that:

“It is the most comprehensive tool that I have ever seen” or

“I have never seen the forensic process demonstrated so logically” or

“I love the fact that it is continually updated” or

“I can leave the session with tools for immediate use” or

“This is what the accounting profession should have produced.”

The methodology and its tools can be deployed whether or not the software is accessed through subscription. A thorough read through of this book enables a forensic operator to deploy the methodology and its embedded tools, techniques, methods, and methodologies in civil, criminal, and dispute matters. However, the book's content, augmented ...

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