Prepping for Exams

At the end of each chapter, you will find a list of multiple-choice questions that are quite similar, and in some cases identical, to multiple-choice questions that you might see on your midterm and final exams.

  1. The movement of money from lender to borrower and back again is known as            .

    1. the circle of life

    2. corporate finance

    3. the cycle of money

    4. money laundering

  2.            is the area of finance concerned with the activities of buying and selling financial assets such as stocks and bonds.

    1. Investments

    2. Corporate finance

    3. International finance

    4. Financial institutions and markets

  3. Investors buy and sell stocks in            markets.

    1. equity

    2. debt

    3. derivatives

    4. foreign exchange

  4. The means by ...

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