It is the policy of the Board of Directors to treat all assets of Reliant Mission (Reliant), including Funds that are legally unrestricted, as if held by Reliant in a fiduciary capacity for the sake of accomplishing its mission and purposes. The following investment objectives and directions are to be judged and understood in light of that overall sense of stewardship. In that regard, the basic investment standards shall be those of a prudent investor as articulated in applicable state laws.


For purposes of these policies, “investment assets” are those assets of Reliant that are available for investment in the public securities markets and as accounts at financial institutions: common stock, preferred stock, bonds, cash, or cash equivalents. These assets may be purchased directly or through intermediate structures such as a brokerage or bank investments subsidiary.

Within its holdings of investment assets, Reliant holds both unrestricted and restricted fund reserves.

Unrestricted reserves are monies that represent Reliant's unrestricted net assets but not including the Collegiate fund balances.

Restricted reserves are monies that represent a combination of both Reliant's restricted net assets and the Collegiate fund balances.

“Illiquid assets” are described elsewhere in Reliant's Gift Acceptance Policies and Guidelines document, and are governed by those rules and not by these investment policies ...

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