Chapter 9

Charting and Presenting Model Output


check Deciding on the key message to convey

check Using Excel’s charting tools

check Making charts interactive and dynamic

check Presenting your financial model to an audience

The final stage of the model building process is to present the outcome of the model. You’ve spent a lot of time on the calculations, making sure that the inputs and assumptions are correct and that all your scenarios are lined up ready for the decision makers to use. If you don’t present the outputs of the model clearly, however, the users won’t be able to understand what the model is showing, so they might not use it or, even worse, they might use it and misinterpret what the model is saying.

A well-designed report or presentation is the best way to display the model results clearly and concisely and get its message across. The output and presentation of the results are just as important as the rest of the model-building process. There’s no point in having a beautifully designed, fantastically built model that none of the decision makers know (or care) about!

In this ...

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