2  Formulas and functions

2.1 Formulas

A formula in Excel is an expression that performs an operation, such as a calculation or a search among letters. These expressions usually contain commands and cell addresses, and sometimes contain numbers.

A formula always start with a “=”. In figure 2.1, we have written the price $75 for a product in cell B2. The cells A5:A10 contain different values for number of units sold. To calculate sales (price · number of units) at 100 units we write the formula “=$B$2*A5” in cell B5. We do this by writing “=” and “*” into the cell, and clicking on the cell addresses B2 and A5. To obtain $B$2 (with $-signs) we press F4 after clicking on the cell B2.

Figure 2.1   Calculation in Excel.

To calculate sales (in the ...

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