This book is accompanied by a companion website:


The following sections provide a summary of the software and other materials you'll find on the website.


A number of illustrative performance dashboards, analytical tools, and Excel models used in the book are included in the accompanying website. These items are identified in the book with a website logo image. The dashboards and spreadsheets are intended as working examples and starting points for the reader's use. An important theme of this book is to underscore the importance of selecting the appropriate measures and dashboards. It is very important to carefully select the measures and analytical tools that are most appropriate for each circumstance. Accordingly, most of the dashboards and models will have to be tailored to fit the specific needs of each situation. Please note that in order to facilitate changes to the analyses, none of the formulas in the worksheets are protected. A copy of the original files should be retained in the event that formulas are inadvertently changed or deleted.

The spreadsheets contain the data used in the examples provided in the book. In order to fully understand the worksheets, including the objective, context, and logic of the analysis, the user should refer to the appropriate example in the text. For each worksheet, the data ...

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