ACC: Associated cement companies

ACP: Average collection period

ADR: Average daily rate

AHP: Average holding period

APP: Average payment period

ATR: Assets turnover ratio

BSE: Bombay stock exchange

BV: Book value

CA: Current assets

CAGR: Compounded annual growth rate

CapEx: Capital expenditure

CCC: Cash conversion cycle

CE: Capital employed

CFS: Cash flow statement

CIS: Commonwealth of independent states

CL: Current liabilities

COGS: Cost of goods sold

CTR: Creditors turnover ratio

CV: Commercial vehicle

D/E: Debt to equity

D/P: Dividend payout

DPS: Dividend per share

DSCR: Debt-service coverage ratio

DTR: debtors turnover ratio

EBITDA: Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation, and amortization

EBIT: Earnings before interest ...

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