238 Part 4
When probate has been granted
Tax planning
The two examples above give food for thought on how to structure the sales
of land and property or qualifying shares. If there is a drop in the value of
the land or property, ensure this is sold within four years of death to enable
the claim to be made. If there are several properties, give careful considera-
tion to whether the claim is benecial, as all of the revised values will be
amended, not just the one that has reduced in value.
If there is more than one shareholding and only some of them have fallen
in value, consider whether the claim is benecial, as shown by the example
above. One way to plan around this is to sell the shareholdings that have
fallen in value within the rst year of death, to make the claim. Any share-
holdings that have grown in value can be sold outside the twelve-month
period, and be excluded from the calculation. The investment prospects
and other practical matters of the administration also have to be taken
into account.

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