Chapter 11

Winning “All Style“ Strategies (and Other Stuff That Works)

Let’s take a look at some combination style strategies or “All Style” strategies as I like to call it. As you’ve seen from many of the different screens we’ve gone over already, incorporating different elements from each style is essential to finding the most profitable stocks consistently.

The Big Money Momentum strategy that we went over in Chapter 7 would not be as successful as it is now without a key valuation metric added. Likewise, that valuation metric alone would not be able to produce the types of returns it has generated without the strategic momentum elements in place.

We could go down the list, citing examples from the Aggressive Growth style, to the Value style, to the Growth and Income style. Even strategies that clearly belong in one category over another will share common characteristics with other styles.

By this time, many of you reading this book have already determined what kind of trader you are by the examples we’ve given. Whether you’re using the strategies exactly as they’re described or you’re simply incorporating some of the ideas and building onto them, you likely have a better feel for which camp you fit into.

But our work is not finished yet. Let’s take a look at a classic example of an “All Style” strategy and some new ways to screen for the most profitable stocks. Or as a friend of mine likes to call it, “stuff that works.”

We highlight nine different screening strategies in ...

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