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Fire Tablets For Dummies

Book Description

Leverage the power of the bestselling Amazon tablet—the Fire

The Fire Tablet is hot—as Amazon's premiere tablet, it has access to a large music and video store, a growing app store, a massive library of e-books, and fast, easy one-click shopping. If you're the proud new owner of the latest version of this popular tablet, this fun and friendly guide fuels the fire by helping you make the most of its myriad features and capabilities.

There's a ton of documentation and online support surrounding the Fire, but much of it is lacking—not to mention packed with jargon that could make even a tech-guru's head spin. In Fire Tablets For Dummies, you'll get easy-to-understand, thorough, and plain-English explanations of the features and topics you'll encounter as you cruise around your cool new device.

  • Shows you how to set up your Fire, navigate with the touchscreen, and connect to Wi-Fi

  • Offers clear instruction on browsing the web, receiving and sending email, and posting on Facebook

  • Covers new services Amazon has instituted in the latest Fire Tablet model

  • Provides up-to-date information on the latest and greatest apps available for your Fire tablet

  • Whether you want to play music, watch movies, read e-books, shop online, or download apps from the Amazon Appstore—or anything in between—you'll want to keep Fire Tablets For Dummies close at hand to unlock the limitless potential of your tablet.

    Table of Contents

      1. Introduction
        1. About This Book
        2. Foolish Assumptions
        3. Icons Used in This Book
        4. Beyond the Book
        5. Where to Go from Here
      2. Part I: Getting Started with Fire Tablets
        1. Chapter 1: Getting an Overview of Fire Tablets
          1. Checking Out the Four Fire Tablet Models
          2. What’s New in the Latest Fire Tablets
          3. Key Features of Fire Tablets
            1. Storage on Earth and in the Cloud
            2. App appeal
            3. Preinstalled functionality
            4. The magic of Whispersync
            5. Using content libraries
            6. Browsing with Amazon Silk
            7. A world of color on the display
            8. Understanding the value of Amazon Prime
        2. Chapter 2: Firing Up Your Fire Tablet
          1. Get Going with Your Fire Tablet
            1. Opening the box
            2. Turning your Fire tablet on and off
            3. Getting to know the touchscreen
            4. Setting up your Fire tablet
            5. Charging the battery
          2. Getting to Know the Interface
            1. Accessing Fire tablet libraries
            2. Playing with the Carousel
            3. Getting on the grid
            4. Getting clues from the Status bar
            5. The often-present, ever-changing Options bar
            6. The Navigation panel
          3. Using a Micro USB Cable to Transfer Data
        3. Chapter 3: Exploring Fire Tablet Quick Settings
          1. Opening Quick Settings
            1. Controlling spin with Auto-Rotate
            2. Turning up the Brightness
            3. Working with Wireless settings
            4. Relaxing with Quiet Time
            5. Activating Firefly
            6. Getting Help
          2. Finding Other Settings
        4. Chapter 4: Setting Up Your Fire
          1. Understanding Accounts
            1. Working with My Account
            2. Managing social networks
            3. Setting up an email account
          2. Setting Up Wireless and Networks
          3. Choosing Settings for Notifications and Quiet Time
          4. Controlling Display and Sounds
          5. New and Improved Accessibility Features
          6. Making Security & Privacy Settings
          7. Working with Power-Management Features
        5. Chapter 5: Fire Tablets and Your Family
          1. Scoping Out the Fire HD Kids Edition
            1. Price and replacement guarantee
            2. Free year of FreeTime Unlimited
          2. Setting Up Profiles
          3. Exploring FreeTime Unlimited
          4. Using Family Library
          5. Working with Parental Controls
      3. Part II: Taking the Leap Online
        1. Chapter 6: Going Shopping
          1. Managing Your Amazon Account
          2. Visiting the Amazon Appstore
            1. Exploring the world of apps
            2. Searching for apps
            3. Buying apps
          3. Buying Content
            1. Buying publications through Newsstand
            2. Buying books
            3. Buying music
            4. Buying video
          4. Shopping for Anything Else
        2. Chapter 7: Going Online
          1. Getting Online by Using Wi-Fi
          2. Browsing the Internet with Silk
            1. Getting around
            2. Displaying tabs
            3. Turning on Reading View
            4. Bookmarking sites
            5. Using web content shortcuts
            6. Choosing Silk’s General settings
            7. Searching for content on a page
            8. Searching the web
            9. Reviewing browsing history
            10. Working with web page content
          3. Choosing Privacy Settings
          4. Working with Email
            1. Setting up an email account
            2. Sending email
            3. Receiving email
            4. Forwarding and replying to email
          5. Sending Email to Your Kindle Account
      4. Part III: Having Fun and Getting Productive
        1. Chapter 8: Taking Advantage of the Ereader Extraordinaire
          1. So Many Things to Read!
            1. Buying books
            2. Using the Amazon Lending Library
            3. Borrowing from your local library
          2. Reading Books
            1. Going to the Fire library
            2. Opening a book
            3. Navigating a book
          3. Diving In with Immersion Reading
          4. X-Ray for Books
            1. Searching in a book
            2. Bookmarking a page and highlighting text
            3. Modifying the appearance of a page
            4. Sharing with others through Facebook or Twitter
          5. Managing Publications
            1. Creating collections
            2. Removing publications from your Fire tablet
          6. Buying and Reading Periodicals
          7. Reading Docs on Fire Tablets
        2. Chapter 9: Playing Music
          1. Exploring the Music Library
          2. Searching for Music
          3. Importing Music to the Cloud
          4. Playing Music
            1. Opening and playing a song
            2. Controlling sounds
            3. X-Ray for Music
            4. Creating playlists
            5. Editing a playlist
        3. Chapter 10: Playing with Video and Cameras
          1. Streaming Versus Downloading
          2. Looking at Your Videos Library
            1. Navigating categories
            2. Creating your Watchlist
            3. Searching for and filtering content
            4. Setting video quality
          3. Opening and Playing a Video
          4. Using Second Screen and Display Mirroring
          5. Using X-Ray for Video and Music
          6. Taking and Viewing Photos and Video
            1. Taking photos
            2. Recording video
            3. Getting photos onto Fire tablet
            4. Viewing photos
            5. Editing photos
            6. Managing photos in the Amazon Cloud Drive
        4. Chapter 11: Going Social
          1. Managing Contacts
            1. Importing contacts
            2. Creating new contacts
            3. Viewing and organizing contacts
          2. Using Integrated Facebook and Twitter
          3. Making Calls with Skype
        5. Chapter 12: Getting Productive
          1. Understanding Fire Docs
          2. Getting Docs onto Fire Tablets
            1. Grabbing docs from your computer
            2. Sending docs by email
            3. Syncing with the Cloud
          3. Understanding Document File Formats
            1. Working with Docs
            2. Opening docs
            3. Emailing docs
            4. Printing docs
          4. Working with WPS Office
            1. Opening a document in WPS Office
            2. Using editing tools
          5. Staying on Time with Calendar
            1. Calendar settings and views
            2. Adding a new event
          6. Using the New Oxford American Dictionary
      5. Part IV: The Part of Tens
        1. Chapter 13: Ten Great Tips for Your Tablet
          1. Changing Your Fire Tablet’s Name
          2. Removing Apps from the Carousel
          3. Performing a Hard Reset
          4. Encrypting Your Data
          5. Accessing Apps from Other Sources
          6. Using the Clock App
          7. Uninstalling or Force-Stopping an App
          8. Viewing How Much Storage You Have Available
          9. Closing All Tabs in Silk
          10. Including Original Message Contents in an Email Reply
        2. Chapter 14: Ten (or so) Great Fire Apps
          1. Sketch Book Mobile
          2. Family Budget Count Free
          3. Bloomberg
          4. Convertr
          5. Wifi Analyzer
          6. Contre Jour
          7. Where’s My Perry?
          8. Stray Souls: Dollhouse Story
          9. Chess Free
          10. Solitaire Free Pack
          11. Real Racing 3
      6. About the Author
      7. Cheat Sheet