Chapter 2

Firing Up Your Fire Tablet

In This Chapter

arrow Setting up your Fire tablet

arrow Playing with libraries, the Carousel, and Favorites

arrow Using the onscreen keyboard

arrow Transferring data from your PC or Mac

The basics of using Fire tablet are … well, pretty basic. You start by turning it on and following a set of extremely short and simple instructions to set it up and register it, and then you can begin to get acquainted with its features.

In this chapter, I help you understand what comes in the box, explore the interface (what you see on the screen), and start to use your fingers to interact with the touchscreen. To round out your introduction, you get a sense of how things are organized on a Fire tablet Home screen and how to transfer data between your computer and tablet.

Get Going with Your Fire Tablet

There’s always a logical place to start building a fire. In this case, forget the kindling and matches, and get started by examining what comes in the Fire tablet box and learn how to turn your new tablet on and off. The first time you turn on a Fire tablet, you register it and link ...

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