Chapter 14

Ten (or so) Great Fire Apps

In This Chapter

arrow Writing and drawing with your Fire tablet

arrow Going by the numbers

arrow Tracking your investments

arrow Playing games

Any mobile device today, from a smartphone to a tablet, depends on the thousands of apps that make a world of features available.

Your Fire tablet has functionality built in for consuming books, periodicals, music, and video, as well as a contact management and calendar app, web browser, calendar, clock, and email client. However, some tools are missing. You can easily acquire this functionality by adding apps to the device.

Amazon Appstore, whose ins and outs you can read about in Chapter 6, contains thousands of cool apps for you to explore. From a very cool drawing app to a handful of games, the apps I describe in this chapter provide you fun and useful functionality for your Fire tablet, and they won’t cost you much more than the time to download them.

In this chapter, I introduce you to 11 great apps that could create the core of a great Fire app library.

Sketch Book Mobile

From: AutoDesk, Inc.

Price: $1.99

Sketch Book ...

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