Firewall Administration
19.1 Chapter objectives
Managing your firewall remotely
Providing high availability
Protecting standalone machines
Maintaining your firewall
Managing firewall security
In today’s technological society, the administration and management
of firewall technology is crucial. The protection of today’s consumer
on the Internet is key to the success of e-business companies and
should take precedence over other duties. The cost of firewall tech-
nologies should never be shortchanged and should be included in
the administration costs. Obtaining highly qualified, trained, and
quality system administrators is often a difficult task. It is proven
that system administrators often do not identify, protect against, or
prevent firewall intrusions. It is important that system administra-
tors upgrade their systems with patches and bug fixes as soon as
problems occur. If a firewall or other safeguard is not properly main-
tained, it might become unsecure and permit break-ins while pro-
viding the illusion that the site is still secure. To assure customers
that your site is safe, your company should incorporate the impor-
tance of firewall administration in their security policy. Management
should also demonstrate its commitment to the importance of the
administration of safeguards and firewalls by employing a full-time
staff dedicated to this and ensure proper funding for procurement
and maintenance of such technologies.

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