Internal IP Security Threats:
Beyond The Firewall
14.1 Chapter objectives
Addressing the major threats to networks
Using a layered security strategy to address internal security
Assessing risk to your organization
Examining inside attacks
Locating the saboteur
Finding the leaky mails
Dealing with new threats
At this point in the book, it is time to take a step back for a reality
check. Firewalls in themselves are not the end-all security solution.
A more complete approach is to integrate firewalls with other effec-
tive security tools. Let’s take a look.
Today the Internet has become a key tool for business communi-
cation and information sharing, and many organizations would
cease to function if e-mail and web access were denied for any
significant period. All Internet content you read, send, and receive
carries a risk. The number of potential security risks has increased at
the same time as that dependence on information technology has
grown, making the need for a comprehensive security program
even more important. Likewise, the job of those persons tasked with
network security, often system administrators, has never been

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