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First Look: Microsoft® Office 2010

Book Description

Welcome to Office 2010. Whether you work primarily in the office or on the go, you'll find smart tools in this release that enable you to get your work done easier, faster, and more professionally than ever. This book will inspire you and give you a good sense of the exciting features in Office 2010. This book was written while the software was in development, so you may find some variance in screen illustrations and procedures.

Part I, “Envision the Possibilities,” introduces you to the changes in Office 2010 and shows you how you can make the most of the new features to fit the way you work today. Chapter 1, “Welcome to Office 2010,” gives you a play-by-play introduction to new features; Chapter 2, “Express Yourself Effectively and Efficiently,” details the great feature enhancements and visual effects throughout the applications; and Chapter 3, “Work Anywhere with Office 2010,” explores the flexibility factor by presenting a set of scenarios that enable users to complete their work no matter where their path takes them.

Part II, “Hit the Ground Running,” focuses on each of the Office 2010 applications in turn, spotlighting the key new features and showing how they relate to the whole. These chapters provide a how-to guide for many of the top features you’re likely to use right off the bat, and they offer inspiring ideas on how to get the most from your favorite applications.

Part III, “Next Steps with Office 2010,” zooms up to the big picture and provides examples to help you think through interoperability. How often do you use the various Office applications together? Customer research shows that people often don’t realize how well the applications work together as a complete system—which means they might be laboring over items they could easily incorporate from somewhere else. This part of the book provides examples for integrating the applications and explores Office 2010 security and training opportunities, as well.

Table of Contents

  1. First Look: Microsoft® Office 2010
  2. Acknowledgments
  3. Introduction
    1. The Road to Office 2010
    2. Who Uses Office 2010?
    3. What’s in Microsoft Office 2010?
    4. Office 2010 System Requirements
    5. What You’ll Find in First Look: Microsoft Office 2010
  4. I. Envision the Possibilities
    1. 1. Welcome to Office 2010
      1. Features that Fit Your Work Style
      2. Changes in Office 2010
        1. Let Your Ideas Soar
        2. Collaborate Easily and Naturally
        3. Work Anywhere—and Everywhere
      3. Exploring the Ribbon
        1. A Quick Look at the Ribbon
        2. Contextual Tabs
      4. New Backstage View
        1. Managing Files in Backstage View
        2. Streamlined Printing
      5. Languages and Accessibility
      6. Coming Next
    2. 2. Express Yourself Effectively and Efficiently
      1. Understanding Your Audience
      2. How Visuals Help
      3. Adding Text Effects
      4. Adding Artistry to Your Images
        1. Correcting and Recoloring Pictures
      5. Working Font Magic in Word 2010 and Publisher 2010
      6. Creating Data Visualizations in Excel 2010
      7. Editing Video in PowerPoint 2010
      8. Communicating Visually in Access 2010
      9. Enhancing and Streamlining Communications in Outlook 2010
      10. Coming Next
    3. 3. Collaborate in the Office and Around the World
      1. It’s All About the Teamwork
        1. What Teams Look Like Today
        2. Team Tasks and Methods
      2. Benefits of Office 2010 Collaboration
      3. Stay in Touch with Your Team
        1. Share Files in the Workspace
        2. Share Files and Folders
      4. Co-Author Files Across Applications
      5. Connect via Presence
      6. Using Office Web Apps
      7. Sharing on the Road with Office Mobile
      8. Coming Next
  5. II. Hit the Ground Running
    1. 4. Create and Share Compelling Documents with Word 2010
      1. Start Out with Word 2010
        1. Get Familiar with the Word Ribbon
        2. Find What You Need Easily with the Navigation Pane
        3. Print and Preview in a Single View
      2. Format Your Text
        1. Apply Text-Formatting Effects
        2. Preserve Your Format Using Paste with Live Preview
      3. Illustrate Your Ideas
        1. Apply Artistic Effects
        2. Insert Screen Shots
      4. Improve Your Text
        1. Catch More Than Typos with a Contextual Spell Check
        2. Use Language Tools, and Translate on the Fly
          1. Translating in Real Time
      5. Co-Author and Share Documents
        1. Working with Shared Documents
      6. Access Your Documents Anywhere
        1. Use Word Web 2010
        2. Check Your Document with Word Mobile 2010
    2. 5. Create Smart Data Insights with Excel 2010
      1. Start Out with Excel 2010
      2. Summarize Your Data Easily
      3. Illustrate Information Effectively
        1. Call Attention to Your Data with Icon Sets
        2. Data Bar Improvements
        3. New SmartArt Enhancements
      4. Use Slicers to Show Data Your Way
      5. Work Anywhere with Excel 2010
        1. Excel 2010 Web App
    3. 6. Manage Rich Communications with Outlook 2010
      1. Starting Out with Outlook 2010
        1. Using the Outlook 2010 Ribbon
        2. Setting Preferences with Backstage View
      2. Managing Your Conversations
      3. Cleaning Up Your Messages
      4. Streamlining E-mail Tasks
      5. Working with Presence and Social Media
      6. Coordinating Calendars
        1. Viewing Group Schedules
        2. Create a Calendar Group
      7. Improving the Look of Your Messages
      8. Keeping in Touch with Outlook Mobile
    4. 7. Produce Dynamic Presentations with PowerPoint 2010
      1. Starting Out with PowerPoint 2010
      2. Editing and Formatting Video
      3. Creating and Working with Animations
      4. Enhancing Your Presentation with Transitions and Themes
      5. Adding Sections to Your Presentation
      6. Managing and Sharing Your Presentation
        1. Merging Presentations
        2. Broadcasting Your Presentation
        3. Printing Presentation Notes
        4. Save Your Presentation as a Video
        5. Work with the PowerPoint 2010 Web App
        6. Using PowerPoint Mobile 2010
    5. 8. Organize, Store, and Share Ideas with OneNote 2010
      1. Starting Out with OneNote 2010
      2. Capturing Notes Easily
        1. Using OneNote as You Work
        2. Create Notes Anywhere
      3. Working with Linked Notes and Task Notes
      4. Finding Just the Notes You Need
      5. Sharing Ideas Effectively
        1. Creating a Shared Notebook
        2. Finding Entries by Author
        3. Working with Page Versions
      6. Accessing Your Notes Anywhere
    6. 9. Collaborate Effectively with SharePoint Workspace 2010
      1. What Can You Do with SharePoint Workspace 2010?
      2. Starting Out with SharePoint Workspace 2010
        1. What About Groove?
      3. Setting Workspace Preferences
      4. Accessing Your Files Seamlessly
      5. Simplified Searching
      6. Checking Files In and Out
      7. Connecting with Your Team Instantly
      8. SharePoint with InfoPath and SharePoint Business Connectivity Services
      9. Using SharePoint Workspace on the Go
    7. 10. Create Effective Marketing Materials with Publisher 2010
      1. Starting Out with Publisher 2010
        1. Collapse and Expand Page Navigation Panel
        2. Use the Mini Toolbar
      2. Creating and Using Templates and Building Blocks
      3. Creating Precise Layouts
      4. Enhancing Typography with OpenType Features
      5. Working with the Improved Color Palette
      6. Previewing and Printing Publications
      7. Preparing for Commercial Printing
      8. Sharing Publisher Files
    8. 11. Make Sense of Your Data with Access 2010
      1. Starting Out with Access 2010
      2. Using Application Parts
      3. Applying Office Themes
      4. Adding New Fields
        1. Adding Quick Start Fields
        2. Inserting Calculated Fields
      5. Showing Data Bars and Conditional Formatting
      6. Creating Navigation Forms
      7. Designing Access 2010 Macros
      8. Working with Access 2010 and the Web
        1. Adding Web Controls
        2. Using Access 2010 with SharePoint
  6. III. Next Steps with Office 2010
    1. 12. Putting It All Together
      1. Using Excel 2010 Data with Word 2010
      2. Sharing SmartArt Among Office 2010 Applications
      3. Dragging Word 2010 Content to PowerPoint 2010
      4. Mail Merging Word 2010 Documents in Outlook 2010
      5. Sharing Access 2010 Data with Other Applications
      6. Scheduling a Meeting from a Shared Document
    2. 13. Security in Office 2010
      1. Understanding Security in Office 2010
      2. Opening Files Safely
      3. Working with Protected View
      4. Password Protecting a File
      5. Limiting File Changes
      6. Setting Role-Based Permissions
      7. Recovering Unsaved Versions
      8. Working with the Trust Center
    3. 14. Training Made Easy
      1. Getting Help in Office 2010
      2. Finding What You Need on Office Online
      3. Take Your Learning to the Next Level with Microsoft eLearning
      4. Continue Learning with Microsoft Press Books
        1. Office 2010
          1. Office 2010
          2. Access 2010
          3. Excel 2010
          4. PowerPoint 2010
          5. Project 2010
          6. Outlook 2010
          7. SharePoint 2010
          8. Word 2010
          9. Visio 2010
  7. About the Author
  8. Copyright