The Xerox Creativity Award celebrates
creativity in design, use of a compo-
nent, or strategy of play. While one
team may be recognized for a single
creative component, another team may
have won this award for its creative
method of scoring points. The award
promotes ingenuity and originality. The
award showcases unique designs that
offer a competitive advantage. Teams
that win this award progress from a cre-
ative idea to a creative product, and
that journey is often not an easy one.
Xerox is a founding sponsor of
FIRST. The company provides generous
team and regional event support as part
of its long-standing commitment to
education and as an investment in the
future diversity of its workforce. A
former chairman and CEO of Xerox is
also chairman emeritus of the FIRST
board of directors, and the current
senior vice president and president of
business group operations now serves
on FIRST’s Board.
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