Understanding our own personality can be a revelation. It can allow us to be much more strategic about the type of work we pursue and where we ply our trade. Considering we all spend so much time focused on our career it just makes sense to find something that marries up to our own unique perspective on how to get along, get ahead and find meaning.

But it's not just useful for our own productivity and performance: it's also incredibly powerful as a management or coaching tool.

How do we successfully manage teams? How do we get the best out of others? How do we bond the team so they start working for each other and playing beyond the individual skills within the team? How do we create teams that generate more than the sum of their parts?

Instinctively most of us try to motivate others the way we ourselves are motivated. But if we've tried that we soon realise it doesn't work all the time. This inconsistency of result may be confusing and frustrating, but the reason for it is personality.

Through my association with one of my professional golf clients I met one of the best strength and conditioning coaches in the world. He is a phenomenal guy and is clearly very capable and gifted at what he does. Players he coaches regularly win major tournaments. He is high Power, so he wants to influence and dominate — which means, as a golfer, you learn his way. He doesn't look at a player's swing, body shape and biomechanical movements and adapt his technique or ...

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