Chapter 2. Fitness Tools and Apps

Fitness tools and apps are web-based software, hardware, or hardware/software combinations that can track and provide feedback on your fitness adventures. They are tools made in heaven for geeks, as they blend all kinds of workouts with the online and fitness worlds. Many of them are essentially wearable computers that generate reams of data and catchy, revealing web graphics. Most allow the downloading of the data so that you can do your own coding, as in GPS Exchange (GPX) XML files.

These tools often work through a cell phone app (such as Endomondo or RunKeeper), or they provide a little device or gadget that can connect with a website, as in the Fitbit Tracker. The website provides you with your own dashboard, a central place where you can view your personal stats, aggregated over the months and years, as well as digital maps of where you’ve been.

Quantified Self

The place to go to find out about the latest tracking devices is Quantified Self ( This web group describes itself as “a place for people interested in self-tracking to gather, share knowledge and experiences, and discover resources.” It is an excellent resource for all kinds of tracking devices, posting information on the latest and greatest online web tools, beyond sports or health tracking.

For example, through Quantified Self I have found two other web tracking sites I’d like to check out in the future: FuelFrog for tracking your vehicle’s fuel use, and WattVision, ...

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