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Five Star Service, One Star Budget

Book Description

This is the book that will show you how to ensure customers are raving about your products and services and come back for more. During years of extensive research, Michael Heppell has proven that the best customer service experiences cost little if anything at all. In this book he gives you over 100 instant tips, 50 examples of the best practices, over a dozen brand new techniques and multiple strategies to equip you with a winning edge to knockout your customers.
Five Star Service on a One Star Budget is another easy read, high impact title from the bestselling author of How to Be Brilliant, Michael Heppell. His first book is a global besteller and continues to sell well around the world. Now he’s switched his focus to helping everyone achieve service excellence with the minimum of investment. Whether it’s studying the Disney parking system or enrolling students at college; going behind the scenes in the world’s top hotels or becoming the office hero, Five Star Service on a One Star Budget will show you how to wow your customers, colleagues and cohorts and it won’t break the budget!
The book comprises 50 small chapters with lots of anecdotes, easy to use information and fun ideas. With a goal that there should be something for everyone, something that you can use immediately, which will have an impact on your life, an impact on your customers lives and an impact on the success of your organisation.

Table of Contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Contents
  3. Dedication
  4. Acknowledgments
  5. Introduction
  6. 1 The Service Star™
  7. 2 Wee Wows
  8. 3 Heads up!
  9. 4 Putting on the Ritz
  10. 5 Complaints - a chance to shine!
  11. 6 Embracing new technology
  12. 7 Beware the silent customer
  13. 8 RADAR thinking™
  14. 9 RADAR thinking™ at work
  15. 10 The emotional bank account
  16. 11 99 per cent of people are good ...
  17. 12 The top three referability habits
  18. 13 Ring the bell
  19. 14 The customer is always right - not!
  20. 15 Feel, felt, found
  21. 16 What's in a smile?
  22. 17 One chance to make a first impression
  23. 18 I honestly don't care about your problems
  24. 19 Empowering staff
  25. 20 Prepare for and relish competition
  26. 21 It's not what you say
  27. 22 It's your best friend - the awkward customer
  28. 23 Building a customer service brand
  29. 24 Be individual, encourage individuals
  30. 25 Service values
  31. 26 Recruiting service professionals
  32. 27 Super scripts
  33. 28 Voicemail, answering machines and automated call queue systems
  34. 29 Telephone service
  35. 30 Advanced telephone service
  36. 31 Customer magic moments
  37. 32 What's in a name?
  38. 33 Know your competition
  39. 34 Speed it up!
  40. 35 Systemise routines - personalise exceptions
  41. 36 Making the mundane marvellous
  42. 37 The distraction of dirt
  43. 38 Send cards
  44. 39 Designing fantastic service
  45. 40 Creativity gives better service
  46. 41 Suppliers are customers too
  47. 42 Service PR
  48. 43 The blind spot
  49. 44 Big Buyer is watching you
  50. 45 Secret shopper
  51. 46 Special requirements
  52. 47 Sell me a solution
  53. 48 Take it from the top
  54. 49 Hills and valleys
  55. 50 Spanners and Heroes
  56. 51 Using 5 Star Service as a training resource
  57. About the Author
  58. Imprint