Congratulations, managers! You have recognised that in order to Fix Your Team, you need to do some work on yourself. You’ve proven that you have the humility, insight and integrity needed to lead your team to better functioning.

Whether or not you have decided that ‘It’s not the team, it’s you!’ (chapter 9), the fact is that unless you have only just inherited a dysfunctional team, if your team is dysfunctional you have contributed to creating that dysfunction or allowing it to continue. ‘No!’ you cry. ‘There is a toxic personality in this team who has been working against me like a pack of termites!’ It was your job to identify and combat that behaviour. ‘It’s not my fault that Juan and Peter in my team had an affair!’ you protest. ‘I’ve reminded them of the conflict-of-interest policy — that should have been enough!’ Creating active interventions to keep Juan and Peter working constructively, and managing gossip and innuendo that was still going three months later, was your responsibility. ‘The skeleton in the closet happened ...

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