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Flash + After Effects, 2nd Edition

Book Description

Flash Designers: push Flash to the next level with After Effects' robust toolset. CS5 delivers more complete integration of these two powerhouse applications-so you can expand your multimedia horizons. Flash + After Effects gives you a working understanding of the AE toolset and professional techniques that raise the design bar for web, HD broadcast, or CD/DVD delivery. The companion web site contains project media for hands-on practice of essential production skills, including:

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. Contents
  5. Introduction
  6. 1. Getting Started in After Effects
    1. Project Workflow
    2. Creating a Project
    3. Setting Keyframes
    4. Applying Effects
    5. Rendering a Project
  7. 2. From Flash to After Effects
    1. Flash to Broadcast Video
    2. Publishing SWF Files for After Effects
    3. Using the QuickTime Exporter for HD Content
    4. Exporting ActionScript-driven Movies
  8. 3. From After Effects to Flash
    1. Working with Vector and Raster Images
    2. Exporting SWF Files
    3. Exporting Flash Professional XFL Files
    4. Rendering PNG Image Sequences
    5. Rendering Flash Video (F4V and FLV)
  9. 4. Interactive Video
    1. Interactivity in Flash
    2. Using Adobe Media Encoder
    3. Using ActionScript Code Snippets
    4. Building a Video Gallery
  10. 5. Alpha Channels
    1. What Are Alpha Channels?
    2. Keying in After Effects
    3. Embedding Cue Points
    4. Creating an Interactive Video Game
    5. Using the Roto Brush Tool
  11. 6. Type in Motion
    1. Creating and Animating Type
    2. Animating Text along a Path
    3. Simulating Handwriting with a Stroke
    4. Applying Text Animation Presets
    5. Using Text Animators
    6. Comparing Text Capabilities in Flash
    7. Summary
  12. 7. The Third Dimension
    1. Entering 3D Space in After Effects
    2. Entering 3D Space in Flash
    3. Adding a Camera in After Effects
    4. Creating Interactive 3D Environments
    5. Summary
  13. 8. Character Animation
    1. Working with Bones in Flash
    2. Using the Spring Tool in Flash Professional CS5
    3. Parenting Layers in After Effects
    4. The Puppet Tools
    5. Building Interactive Puppets
  14. 9. Visual Effects
    1. Controlling the Weather
    2. Shattering Layers
    3. Playing with Fire
    4. Distorting Typography
    5. Designing Interactive Page Turns
    6. Fun with Fractals
    7. Summary
  15. 10. Optimization and Encoding
    1. Understanding Compression
    2. Determining the Video Data Rate
    3. Digital Audio Basics
    4. Optimizing Your Video before Encoding
    5. Streaming Video on the Web
    6. Publishing to a DVD Using iDVD
    7. Summary
  16. Index