Chapter 24. Add Data Lists


  • Add a data list

  • Configure data list parts

  • Configure the repeating item

  • Set up Design-time Data

Many applications will have sections that require dynamic data from server-side resources. Whether product lists, employee directories, items in a shopping cart or photo galleries, these kinds of data lists will likely be an important element in your application. In many cases, Flex's ability to pull in server-side data and display it graphically will be one of the key factors in deciding to build the application in Flex.

Catalyst cannot connect your application to server-side resources nor display live data; both of those must be done by a Flex developer in Flash Builder. However, it is possible to include a representation of the data in your application through data lists and design-time data.

Convert Artwork to a Data List

Data lists are one of the default component types in Catalyst. Converting artwork to a data list requires the same procedure as converting any other artwork: You select the elements that make up the data list and then use the heads-up display (HUD) to convert to the component.

While the process of converting to a data list is the same as any other component, there are a few important caveats to consider before you convert. First, if your application is going to pull in enough data to require that the data list be scrollable, you need to create a scrollbar component and be sure to include it in the elements that you select to convert ...

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