Chapter 1. Exploring Flash

In This Chapter

  • Discovering what's new in Flash CS4

  • Examining the Flash workspace

  • Exploring the Flash tools

  • Customizing Flash

Just when you thought you had Flash all figured out and believed that it was safe to continue merrily with your old Flash CS3 habits, along comes Flash CS4. The fact that you hold this book in your hands means that you own Flash CS4 and want to know more about the application. Flash CS4 is an extremely sophisticated piece of software. And — yikes! — it has come a long way since Adobe purchased Macromedia in December 2005. It seems like only yesterday that Flash 4 (and its medieval ActionScript and shape tweening) were considered the best thing since sliced bread.

Exploring Flash

Using a program like Flash has a tendency to organize you. Organized authors that we are, we figured the best place to start a book is by getting to know the lay of the land, so to speak. This process is kind of like a car manual: You don't start out by showing the driver how to change a tire — you start with a diagram that shows the nut behind the wheel where to park and then show him how to start his fuel-efficient hybrid car that takes dainty sips of gas when it's not running on electricity. First, we tell you what's new and exciting in Flash CS4, and then we familiarize you with the new workspace. And, because we know that no two people work alike (that's why they created preferences), ...

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