Welcome to Flash CS4 All-in-One For Dummies. Our goal when writing this book was to share our enthusiasm for Flash and, at the same time, demystify the application. You can do so many things with Flash that it becomes mind boggling. The minibooks in this reference are designed to take the boggle out of your mind and show you how to use Flash to create Web banners, animations, and other delights. We also delve into the topics of ActionScript and Flash video.

If you're reading this introduction in a bookstore and deciding whether this Flash book is the one for you, we want to give you a few facts. The authors of this book are card-carrying geeks who love working in Flash. We're also professional authors, which means that we value our readers. We don't overload you with technical terms. Each section was written as though we were looking over a friend's shoulder while they were working with Flash and then showing them how to work smarter and not harder. We've also injected enough humor to keep you awake while learning Flash, and (we hope) to make you chuckle out loud at least once per chapter.

About This Book

This book isn't meant to be read from front to back. It's more like a reference: Each chapter is divided into sections, each of which has self-contained information about something you can do in Flash CS4.

You don't have to memorize anything in this book. The information here is what you need to know to get by and see how Flash works. When you need specific information, ...

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