Summary of Properties and Methods

This section gives you a summary of the properties and methods covered in this chapter. This list isn't exhaustive, but it includes some of the handiest and most frequently used tools. You can find a complete list in the Flash CS5 help files: Help→Flash Help→ActionScript 3.0 and ComponentsActionScript 3.0 Language and Components Reference. Look for the DisplayObjectContainer class, and then scroll down to find the properties and methods. If you see a method and want more details about it, click its name.

DisplayObjectContainer Properties

All display object containers are also descendants of the DisplayObject type. They have all the properties you'd expect in a displayable object, like x/y position coordinates, height, and width. In addition, they have a few properties that are particularly useful in their role as containers. The summary below lists the name of the property in bold, followed by a description, explaining the characteristics of the property and a few details about its use. The formal description is the description found in Adobe's ActionScript 3.0 Reference. It lists the property name, and then on the right side of the colon it shows the data type stored in the property. The formal description is helpful but a little abstract, so this list also provides an example, which is a little more concrete and follows the card table and card theme used throughout this chapter. The examples show how you'd use the property, assuming that the display ...

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